Why Life Has No Answer Sheet

If Life was a test, God would have given us a text book with a clear question and answer sheet…

If Life was a journey, God would have given us a clear map with delegated longitude and latitude marking…

If Life was an endurance program God would have been us a free weight system with a healthy eating regime…

But because Life is a Person, God has freely given us this Life who’s Name is Jesus, His Eternal and Living Word, His Word who is also His Son, His Son who was made flesh, lived among us, died on the cross for us, and then was raised from the dead.  We who are His people have been born again into Him by simply believing God when He tells us about His free Gift of Life and we abide in Him, as He abides in us  the same simple way, by our simply believing He is ever with us and lives through us, our real Life, Way and total  Truth.

–  We are made safe from error because He is the Truth …

–  We are kept from getting lost in confusion because He is our Way…

–   And we are protected from death because He is our very Life and Breath!

“For you have died and your life is in hid with Christ in God.  And when Christ who is our Life appears, you will also appear with Him in glory”  (Col. 3:3,4).

A parallel quote:  “The Scriptures are not the revelation of God, this would be the Word become printers ink – The Scriptures are the inspired record of the Revelation, the Revelation seen in the face of Jesus, the Word become flesh.”   Stanley Jones, (In Christ, Tuesday, Week 1)

– Lynn Alford

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