Who Switched off My Brain?

Good morning, dear Family and Friends.  I got this email from Dr. Leaf and want to share it with you – I have attached it for you.

Have you studied Dr. Leaf’s work yet?  Her work is quite awesome amazing.  Friends and family know me as a basically positive and cheerful person, a result of knowing Christ for sure, yet my husband Tom recently commented that I am “brighter and lighter.” I know this is the result of my using Dr. Leaf’s work.

This research has been confirmed and studied by many other neuroscientists.  Dr. Leaf’s work can be immediately used in a immediate and simple way.  You just state the truth to yourself, within or aloud, replacing dark thoughts and you begin to remove physical toxic axon trees from your brain.   The result is an increase of health in all your body’s systems.

Understanding that there is such a enormous connection between our thoughts and shaping our brain physically and healthily, is a huge and strengthening motivation to ongoingly and quickly replace dark thoughts with healthy and true ones.

Research shows that when we allow toxic thoughts of discouragement, irritation, frustration, negative self talk, depression, bitterness, anger, judgmentalism (i.e condemning someone – it is not condemning to recognize a behavior as destructive, for such recognition itself is essential to our health as well), hate, disrespect, or discouragement to remain unchallenged, these thoughts then take on a literal physical axon form in our brains, and begin a destructive process in us.

Failing to speak the truth to ourselves within 24 to 72 hours works havoc in our emotions, and bodies, destroying our healthy functioning and abilities, and debilitating our capacity to function healthily, messes up our capacity to make good choices and distorts our perspectives of reality in a destructive ways for us.  Her research shows that speaking the truth in this way will begin to restore our brains and health within 3 days.

A healthy response is simple.  We remove these dark thoughts by replacing them soon as we recognize them with healthy thoughts of their correlate truth, like “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith”  – hmm, heard those before?

It is so NOT complicated – but it is necessary, if you are interested in not sabotaging your own good health and life well-being, and so enjoy a good, joyous future.

Neuroscience research shows that we can even remove stuck patterns of behavior that such toxic axons in our brain cause when we receive such negative thoughts without replacing them, patterns like bursts of anger; over all negativity and pessimism (which all fields of science are now recognizing as one of the most hurtful patterns of all); paranoia; depression; criticalness; fear; anxiety;  bad relational interactions; destructive competitiveness and discouragement.  Dr. Leaf’s research shows that such ingrained patterns can removed through a single one minute-process, used just 2 to 7 times throughout your day, over 21 days.   Her latest book, Switch On My Brain, tells about this process.  Dr. Leaf is giving much help through her work to both secular and faith people and audiences all over the world.

I attach a very short 13 point sum up of Dr. Leaf’s first book for you, Who Switched Off My Brain.  These simple points are some ways her research has found to keep our brains and bodies healthy as well.  Reviewing this 13 point list semi-regularly will make a difference for us!   I made a copy of this list just this morning and am going to put it on next month’s page of my wall calendar, and do this monthly, so I can see it and be reminded of these points. I encourage you to consider doing this also.

Dr. Leaf shares about this all along her latest findings, in her new TV show that just started January  7.  You can watch Dr. Leaf’s second episode online at the link below in her email, and her first episode too.  I just checked my TV channel listing…here in NY on Dish’s TBN channel, # 260.   You can record it to watch at the best time for you.  Check with the listing of your own TV carrier in your area.  You can also email Dr. Leaf to get the time of her show in your own area at  mac@drleaf.com  See drleaf.com/about/dr-leafs-research/

With love & prayers for many blessings on your day and much health in your New Year!
– Lynn (Jan. 17th)

Document: 13 Steps

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